Pricing In Proportion Boxes

Pricing in Proportion Boxes - PiP Boxes

PiP BOXES Royal Mail has now introduced Pricing in Proportion (PiP) to parcels as well as letters.

Huge price differences exist between Large Letters, Small Parcels and Medium Parcels. We have manufactured a range of large letter cardboard boxes, small parcel cardboard boxes and medium parcel carboard boxes.

This of course is having a major impact on many online companies who are faced with increasing their prices to customers. Some people will of course be prepared to pay extra but many will not and sales could be lost.

As the first UK company to introduce a range of Letter PiP products enabling online traders to take advantage of the savings to be made by sending out items as large letters, our PiP boxes are now even more valuable as the price differentials continue to increase.

Our range of Royal mail Small Parcel Box (Parcel PiP Boxes) are designed to help you safely ship items as Small Parcels with the savings against medium & large boxes.

Large Letter Pricing in Proportion (PIP) Boxes

Royal Mail Small Parcel Boxes (Parcel PiP Boxes)

Medium Parcel Boxes

Pricing In Proportion Envelopes (Pip Envelopes)